Scheduled Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Services:

Although oil changes are the most frequent preventative maintenance service for any vehicle there are numerous scheduled preventative maintenance items that are recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. At CLR -Wrench Master we separate services into 3 categories:

Oil Changes & Fluid Exchanges Services

Maintaining your vehicle includes checking its fluid levels and regularly changing lubricants, coolants and topping up windshield detergent as necessary. Each fluid serves a vital purpose to ensure your vehicle is operating at its optimal performance. But it's important to remember that these fluids do not last forever. They must be replaced with new liquids at various intervals in your vehicle's life cycle, many of which are recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Filter Changes

Replacing fluid filters and air filters are part of regular maintenance. Oil transmission and fuel filters must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Air filters for both the cabin and the engine are checked and replaced as necessary.

General Services

General services involve maintaining any part of your vehicle that is at risk for regular wear and tear. This includes maintenance services for items such as brakes, wheels, tires, wiper blades, timing belts, and much more.

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